ReDirect works with youth, community groups, organizations and individuals to increase our community’s overall ability to prevent radicalization to violence.

Through presentations, meetings with community leaders, youth-led outreach initiatives, social media and traditional media, we are equipping Calgarians to help recognize and prevent radicalization, which makes all individuals in our city less vulnerable.

Our team also provides training and professional support to organizations and community groups to help them learn how to recognize and respond when they encounter individuals who are vulnerable to radicalization to violence.

Finally, our education efforts help the public learn where they can turn to for help if they or someone they know is being radicalized.

Opportunities for Schools

Schools play an important role in the prevention of radicalization to violence. As educators, lessons around citizenship, human rights, and political ideologies serve as way to teach young people about the importance of democratic values in our society, and how to engage thoughtfully with ideas that are different than our own.

Class Visits

ReDirect is committed to supporting educators teaching students about radicalization and how extreme views can lead to violence. You can contact us for information to use in your lesson plan or invite us to come speak to your class.

Hate Hurts

Hate Hurts is a diversity, hate and bias education program for junior and senior high schools. The presentations done through this program help students develop skills, learn information and identify resources needed to actively address issues of hate, bias and discrimination. These lessons help foster a safe environment in schools.

The program was developed by the Calgary Police Service and is supported across Alberta by the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee.

To book a presentation at your school, contact the program coordinator at 403-428-8162 or

Resources for Teaching on Radicalization

A Teacher’s Guide on the Prevention of Violent Extremism

Institute for Strategic Dialogue
Educational resources on hate speech, misinformation and extremism