ReDirect is a program that works to prevent radicalization to violence through community education and awareness, as well as prevention and intervention.

Our team also works with those already adopting extreme beliefs that condone violence, to help them get on a better path.

Our approach was developed based on extensive research, best practices, and consultations with community groups, enforcement agencies and international experts. The information gathered was then used to create a program tailored for Calgary.

We are a partnership between The City of Calgary’s Calgary Neighbourhoods, the Calgary Police Service and other professional partners. Our work started as an extension of other programs in Calgary where police partner with other agencies to educate youth, support youth who need help dealing with a tough family or school life, and try to address factors that put youth on harmful paths in the first place.

We have a variety of strategies that can be applied to help people vulnerable to being radicalized.

These strategies range from simply educating individuals on the dangers of radicalization all the way up to helping people exit radical groups. The goal of all these strategies is to keep individuals out of the formal justice system by treating the underlying causes of their turn to criminal behaviour.


Multi-Agency Approach

ReDirect is organized as a multi-agency panel divided into two groups. This organization allows information to be shared between the partner agencies while respecting the confidentiality and privacy of the participants. It also allows us to engage the community in the success of the program.

The two smaller groups of the multi-agency panel are:

Case Planning Team

  • This team is made up of representatives from different public and private organizations that come together to develop individualized support plans for the young people we work with, and then regularly review and assess the plan. Each member of this team then helps the individual get access to the support they need from the partner organizations.

Strategic Committee

  • This committee is made up of management from the partner agencies. The function of this committee is to provide oversight and governance to ReDirect, and ensure that the program is responsive to anything raised by the Community Advisory Committee.